Let’s enter His presence and worship together. Receive the benefits of worshiping in the Hebrew language

Sing with me

Under the songs’ audios you will find 2 tabs that you can expand. One has the “Hebrew sounded out so you can sing along” and the other tab contains the English translation, so you can understand the words.

Before you know it, you will learn some Hebrew (if you don’t already)

May God bless you as you worship Him in the Hebrew language.


“I Think of You O Lord, I’m Yearning”

Dimiti Elohim, dimiti
Khasdekha, khasdekha bekerev hekhalekha x2
1: Bekha evtakh Elohai’ le‘olam lo evosha
Ve’eten et libi lekha ahavat nafshi

Chorus: Dimiti Elohim, dimity…
2: Ektof et pirkhey hakhemla hanitanim
Miyadekha vifi he’adar mitohar kodshekha
Dimiti Elohim, Dimiti
Khasdekha, khasdekha bekerev hekhalekha x2

Chorus: I think of You O Lord, I’m Yearning Your mercy in the midst of Your temple.
1: I will trust in You my God, I will never be ashamed And I will give my heart to You, the Love of my soul
2: I will take a breath of Your mercy, flowers that are taken by Your hand And the beauty of the honor of Your pure Holiness

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