Jeremiah 31:31

I Ask My Israeli Groups This Question:

“Does any one here think that our people ever managed to keep the covenant we made with YHWH in Sinai”?

Jer 31:31; YHWH made a New Covenant with the house of Israel and the house of Judah. He goes on to say that it isn’t according to the covenant that we made with YHWH in Sinai because we continually broke that covenant.

Never has one person out of thousands I have spoken claimed we kept the covenant we made with YHWH. We have never been able to keep it up to this very day.

Every Christian group in the Old City of Jerusalem claims to exclusively have the truth. We can’t see any community in the Old City, which shines out the New Covenant as was in the days of Acts. Where are we going wrong?

We pray and work daily in YHWH’s strength to bring the testimony back.

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