New Year correct translation: Warning


New Year Correct Translation

 I marvel at the inaccuracy of the English translations. English translations mislead us at times from the truth.

They call this feast “The feast of trumpets”. Nowhere in the Hebrew Bible is the word “trumpet” ever associated with this feast. And this feast is never referred to” the new year”, as we call it in Israel today.

Doesn’t the enemy like to hide the truth from us? Going back to the correct title for this feast is the first step of seeing the prophetic picture in this season.

Part 2

New Year Warning

 The parable of the ten virgins represents Christians or believers, all of whom fell asleep. They represent believers in Christ spanning the last two thousand years. Some will rise from the dead because their lamps had oil and others will rise to the wrath of God because their lamps did not have oil. They were unprepared when the bridegroom came, and He shut the door to them. Every Christian for the past 2,000 years has had a chance to prepare for the bridegroom. At the last trump, the faithful virgins of all generations will be resurrected for the marriage supper of the Lamb, and those who are unprepared will not be able to attend.

Part 3

Warning: Yom Kippur

What is the warning for? It is directly connected to Yom Kippur…

Part 4

Warning: The Glory of God outside the camp

Let’s look at the connection with Yom Kippur

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