I am the Vine of Truth (not, I am the true vine)

I Am The Vine Of Truth (Not, I Am The True Vine)

“I am the true vine”. The true translation is…“I am The Vine of Truth”. It is true in Aramic and Hebrew.

Genfen, Vine And Branches

The word Vine in Hebrew is “Gefen” and means to be low and bent. Yeshua said “I am the Vine and you are the branches”. Why the Vine? Why not the fig tree?

The Church Should Be Like A Vine

The wood of the vine isn’t used to build houses and furniture. The church isn’t fancy buildings but a living organic body; no outward beauty. The churches’ beauty in the inner man of the heart, not outward adornments.

Why not I am the fig tree and you are the branches? “Joseph is a fruitful vine, a fruitful vine near a spring, whose branches climb over the wall.”

Christendom is a labyrinth of walls with many compartments, the King James Bible compartment, the baptism in Jesus name compartment, the name of Yahweh compartment, and many more.

The true vine bearing the life of Christ climbs over these walls. Everywhere we walk, we find believers in Christ shut up between some kind of walls. The vine is a climber; it clings to things as it grows and moves. Those who bear the life of Yeshua climb, cling and commit themselves to every culture and denomination spreading the fragrance of Christ. We break the dividing wall of Jew, Muslim, Greek, and gentile.

Are you in a culture box or a theological correct box? Don’t limit God to just moving within your four walls. The way to get someone out of their narrow way of thinking is to connect them to the vine. Those connected to the like supply of God can climb over these walls and love those within. Those within their walls lack the life of the Vine. Unity comes through the life of Christ as this life breaks through all barriers.

Truth is constantly growing.

Our family is constantly growing also. On days off from the army, our daughter Naomi brings home lone soldiers who have no parents in Israel to look after them. What’s more, Naomi is getting engaged. Her future husband is the son of a Jewish Israeli pastor. His name is Gavriel (Gabriel in English). Gavriel is also serving in the army (Israeli defense force). We are so delighted to see them on their precious days off from the army traveling to Tel Aviv together to join in fellowship.

The engagement party is in 6 days time on Saturday the 8th.

Naomi is still serving in the Army in the hot Negev desert.

Love and blessings, Netanel.

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